WOPA of Holland develop and manufacture a wide range of products for effective hoof treatment in cattle.

These include crushes for the beef and dairy farmer and the professional hoof trimmer, accompanied with matching tools and protective clothing (according the CE-rules). These products, including instruction books, videotapes and DVDs, have been developed in association with PTC+ Practical Training Centre in Oenkerk NL and the State University of Utrecht.

E T Malt & Son has represented WOPA in the UK since 1978*. Over this period Ed has become a well respected authority in all aspects of foot care for cattle. His sales team are equally knowledgeable and helpful.

* Ed Malt personally introduced the Dutch method of trimming cows feet to the UK when he brought over Professor A. Toussaint Raven from Utrecht NL who was the world leader on the subject. Ed also brought over Hank Stamp who was the best hoof trimmer in the Netherlands, Together they did numerous demonstrations over the early years to get the technique established which took a great deal of time and effort.